A double dealer.

@alpha7 (1910)
July 26, 2008 3:41pm CST
Is there any one who has experience with someone double dealing,going out with two people at a time and not getting caught in their dealings.What exactly do you think about such people and how can they stop such dealings?
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@relundad (2311)
• United States
28 Jul 08
Of course, are you kidding me? These days who doesn't know someone that is like this? As for getting caught, at some level it is okay as long as you aren't in a committed relationship. The fact that you go out on a date with someone does not automatically mean that you are in a relationship. Others are in a committed relationship but sometimes in a relationship where one or both of the people allow them to do this without recourse. I have heard so many stories both here and in real life where the partner will find out but for whatever reason the slickster conviences the partner that its a one-time incident and it wont happen again. And they continue to do it. So many woman deal with this foolishness because of low self esteem. Then you have the person that knows that he/she is already in a relationship but still choose to get involved.
@alpha7 (1910)
• France
28 Jul 08
Low self esteem and foolishness you said,well your point is very well noted.