Is your life different than what you had hoped it would be?

@snoopy04 (718)
United States
July 26, 2008 4:35pm CST
When I was a kid I always thought my life would turn out different then it is now. I never expected to be married and divorced and then remarried. I never expected to have kids but now I have four. My husband has been talking about starting his own business and so we were talking about how our lives have turned out. We are both happy with the path it has taken but we didnt expect it to turn out like this. Sometimes I envy my friends who are single and dont have the responsibility of a family. But yet I look at how lonely and empty their lives are and how much they want to have a family that I realize how lucky I am. I am happy and content with my life but I never dreamed my life would turn out like this. What about you, is your life what you want it to be or did you want more or less out of it? Is your life what you expected it to be or something totally different?
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