Lowering my electric bill??

United States
July 27, 2008 12:37pm CST
I am wanting save money and be frugal , the one thing that I cannot seem to get ahold on to is my electric bill. What do i do to get it lower?? I unplug stuff that we are not using, i keep lights off, I turn off stuff that I am not using, we are baking because I have the ac set on 78 and i hang everything out to dry so I do not use the dryer. I have not used the dryer in over a month , but my bill just keeps getting higher.It is weird. It went from 76.00 to 110.00 in one month and i am using it less. Is it nothing that I am even doing, could it be because of high cost of everything???
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@savak03 (6693)
• United States
2 Dec 08
I have fought with this problem for years and can't seem to get my electric bill to go down either. It is especially hard now as our economy is in worse shape than ever. I have come to the conclusion that it doesn't really matter how much you try to conserve your electricity it is not going to make much difference in what the electric company charges. Since they have a monopoly on providing power we either pay what they charge or do without.
@maria_k (925)
• United States
20 Sep 08
If it is so much that you can save . Why not think of a way of making extra money let's like $100.- $150.00/ month to help your budget?
@honeyangel (1992)
17 Sep 08
cant you look around other electric companys to see if they are offering lower deals
17 Sep 08
Have you switched to energy saving lightbulbs? We have one in every light in the house and it made a difference to our bills. Not a big difference but a little saving is better than none. Some energy companies will supply them to you free of charge as well. Have you thought about switching your electricity supplier to one that charges less? That might help you save some money as well. Not much advice but hope it helps!
@coffeebreak (17815)
• United States
27 Jul 08
I've been working on it - just me in the house - and I am at $1.00 a day. I can't get it any lower than that. I don't run the AC unless it gets 95* or higher and then I set it at 80* and use floor fans. I don't turn it on until about 11:00am - all windows open until then. I am in first floor of a 3 story apt complex so that helps alot. Keeping everything off that you can think of, it all you can do. If it is just me at home, I often even leave the AC off if it is hotter than 95* and just stay at my PC with a fan on me - not exactly the best comfort but adaquate. if I have my Grand kids over, I do turn it on as they just get to hot. YOu can only do the best you can and sounds like you are doing your best. Could help to think of other ways to cut back so that what you save on something else can go towards the electric bill. Good luck with your efforts - they do pay off in time!
• India
27 Jul 08
Hi, I am doing same here, I even switch off my refrigerator during nights, I use washing machine twice a week waiting for it to load. Apart from saving the electricity by unplugging I cannot think of any other way I can cut on my bill. I have seen a small change in my bill, eventhough it has reduced I cannot live like this by being conscious all the time thinking about the bill. I need a better life than this. these nergy billa are eating into my savings!!!!!