dog in trouble

@savypat (20245)
United States
July 27, 2008 3:04pm CST
Our poor little hound dog was in so much trouble today. We raise Llamas and they are camels, camels have space problems and anytime one get in the other's space, well let's just say spit happens. Our little lady dog just know this is bad, she just can't stand bad manners from the Llamas so she goes, insane. bark, bark and trys to get at the Lamas to make them stop. OF course on a early Sunday morning this does ont endear us to our nieghbors so we have to intervene and the poor dog gets scolded loudly, well she finally givs up and go to take a Sunday Nap, the Llamas finish their business and Pappa goes back to his paper, just another day at the ranch. LOL
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