Why is pms like this??

United States
July 27, 2008 8:08pm CST
I just cannot understand why pms is like this. I actually go crazy !! It is like I am 2 people and the one only comes out during pms. I feel bad like I am getting the flu and I am just crazy acting. I forget stuff, i am snappy at people, and more. Yuck I hate this and wish I never had it.
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@klaudine (3651)
• Indonesia
28 Jul 08
It's the hormone. My doctor suggest me to take high calcium food to control it, and some dark chocolate to boost the mood. I haven't really do it, but I was so sure that he's telling the truth. I just don't know what kind of food containing high calcium, so I just drink hot chocolate milk when the PMS comes. Try a bit, it would make you feel so much better. :) good luck
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@maddysmommy (16232)
• United States
30 Jul 08
Aah you're telling me, I hate it with a vengeance. I am the most crappiest person to be around and I am forever really tired. The littlest things bother me and I start nit picking on my hubby and son - aargh. I've been cooped up in the house this week because of it and my darling husband and son have been really really forgiving.
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@mmiller26 (1932)
• Canada
30 Jul 08
Like the previous poster said, your hormones are fluctuating and it's affecting the way you behave. Get some good quality dark chocolate and put a piece in your mouth and suck on it til it melts. Dark chocolate contains magnesium, which is often a mineral that is deficient in our modern diets. Magnesium helps with many important biological functions, including heart health, bowel movements, muscle control (including relaxation), and relief from menstrual cramping. Also, the violent mood swings familiar to women who suffer from PMS are attributable to a pre-menstrual drop in progesterone levels. Adding magnesium to the diet—such as the magnesium provided by dark chocolate—has been proven to increase pre-menstrual progesterone levels, thus alleviating the problem of PMS. Plus it's a lot more fun than popping a handful of vitamins. Avoid salty and processed foods, which can cause bloating because you'll retain water. Oddly enough, drinking a lot of water helps get rid of bloat. Try to avoid caffiene during this time. And get plenty of sleep. I'm an old pro at the PMS hormone game. Before I had surgery, my family knew to get out of my way and to try not to speak to me because I'd likely end up screaming at them or saying something that I'd later regret. It was an awful feeling, and even if I tried my hardest to avoid doing it, I couldn't stop it. Since the surgery (endometrial ablation), my symptoms are a LOT less severe, thank God. I hope these tips help you. And I hope you feel better.