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sign - I like the idea of making money.
United States
July 27, 2008 9:32pm CST
Thank you Mylotters that have checked out my profile.For those of you that haven't I have three very good sites in there.I have been payed by all three.I earn money a bit faster there then any ptc. site,and they are legit.Too often I have reached payout on the ptc. sites only to not get payed,and it takes soo long to get there.The two email sites in my profile are simple you click on the email,confirm it and you are done you don't have to wait 30 or 40 seconds to be payed.There are several other ways to make money in these sites besides reading emails to.One of them gives you a $5.00 sign on bonus and payout is at $30 not bad,it takes a bit to get there but it is worth it.Even their surveys are legit,they ask you questions and you answer if you qualify and complete the survey you get 50 cents added to your account.I have had a couple of My lotters tell me they are happy they joined,and they are free to sign up. Jas
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