Cyber Bulling - Your toughts...

United States
July 28, 2008 12:13am CST
More info: People don't create a line between real like and the internet. It happens to a lot of people and they get seriously affected by it. Kids now-a-days are just far too dumb or lack the parental input to understand the difference. Cyberbullying is just horse sh*t... Honestly, it happens all the time, people yell, cuss, and do whatever else because they can express their feelings and emotions without any repercussions of any kind. Honestly, if you get called a 'F**k faced moron' on the internet, I don't care, I may have even done it. Bullying is just someone, as Canton said, a person with self confidence issues and poor self esteem... Sorry if people find this offensive, but I felt like I should express my feelings on this subject.
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