How to make easy ice cream.

July 28, 2008 7:46am CST
CAn someone tell me how to make ice cream.
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• Philippines
28 Jul 08'll just need chocolate cookies like oreo, nestle all purpose cream and a carnation milk...that's all you'll just mix the crushed oreo without the fillings with the two little boxes of all purpose cream and a the carnation milk..then place it in a container and freezer it to the freezer...then viola!!! you have a home made ice cream... hope you'll like it..
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30 Jul 08
Hiii, here i am to help you . Listenn the best and easy way to make ice cream is To buy a lot yogurts and then put in them a smaal wood or something like it and finally put them in the frezer.Furthermore you are gonna eat yogurt and ice cream at the same tiime and enjoying the flavour that u like and It very economic . SO tell me what do u think about my idea .. Kiss