Does anybody use the Books iRead application or LivingSocial?

@philjas (1134)
United States
July 28, 2008 5:19pm CST
I set up the iRead app on my Facebook account, then linked it to my MySpace account BUT it doesn't work right on MySpace. I did some investigating and found out that everybody seems to have this problem, it's not just me. I love the app, but I want something I can use on both Facebook and MySpace. So I went looking and found which has apps for books, movies, video games, and a couple of other things. Unlike iRead, it's a standalone website so you can use it without having to have a Facebook or MySpace account at all. This is good, because I have friends who don't do any kind of social networking sites but they could still be on LivingSocial. Anyway, I set it up, then linked it to my MySpace account... and guess what? It didn't work! This is so annoying, does ANYTHING work on MySpace? The Facebook apps are a little messy too, but iRead works fine there; I haven't tried LivingSocial yet. I want something for books that will update automatically at both sites whenever I update at either one. I use Flixster for movies and that works right. But I'm having a difficult time finding something for books that works as well. Does anybody use anything like this or have any ideas for me?
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