the secret life of the american teenager. whats your opion on it?

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July 28, 2008 6:28pm CST
i personally love the show. i watch it every time it comes on. i just dont like the name. i mean the secret life of the american teenager? its saying all american teenagers are gonna get pregnant at a young age which isn't true. well thats what i think its saying. what do you think about it? tell your opion its wanted.
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3 Aug 08
I have never seen the show, and have no desire to see it at all. I think the premise of examining the lives of teenagers that happen beyond their parents is an old one - anyone remember My So-Called Life? Brilliant! - and definitely a good idea, but just the fact that the writers and producers seem to be focusing on the central character having intimate relationships at a young age and getting pregnant is absolutely appalling to me. It's one thing to have celebrities like Miley Cyrus getting into doing risque things that are very public at a young age every now and again. It's a whole different thing to put it on a regular television show and have the ideas behind it shoved down the young viewers' throats. For the record, I completely agree with you about the possible meaning of the name. I saw the commercial for the first time, and heard the title, and thought, "this is what other countries think of us. This is what our youth think. That getting pregnant at a young age is normal in our sham of American society."Wonderful.