would you invite your ex to be the God Parent of your newborn child?

United States
July 28, 2008 7:05pm CST
i have had an exBF whom i broke up with because i did not want to find ourselves getting hurt because he was bound to work abroad. i just couldn't afford to keep a long distance relationship. we actually had no fights, not even a single argument pertaining to disloyalty or dating two time whatsoever. in as much as i wanted to keep him during those times, i chose to set him free because i did not want that our relationship be challenged and ended with lies and hatred knowing that we're about to face a different life separately. now, i am married and he has a girlfriend whom he was with all the way ever since we called a split. we did not have the chance to talk ever since then but we mutually agreed to stay friends no matter what. and so, i was asked by my best friend with such question. what if your ex invited you to be the God parent of his child, would you mind going or not? or the other way around, would you pick him up to be the God parent of your child? that is one big tough question! as for me, i probably will not because certainly he will be hesitated to go by and attend it to be the God parent (God father). what if he says, how i wish i could be the father and not just the god father like you want me to be. LOL.
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@rsa101 (32413)
• Philippines
29 Jul 08
I wonder what you husband is saying about this? Is he comfortable with your idea? Well I think you should consider the feelings with your husband before doing anything like this. I can sense that you have some kind of feelings left for him and that might turn a red signal on your partnership. But anyway try consulting it with your husband how open he can be depends on him alone.
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29 Jul 08
it actually happens the other way around. once we attended the baptism of his ex-gf's first born who happened to be his best friend the moment they broke up. sorry to disclose but it is actually the other way around which i felt just okay. thanks for the comment anyway!
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• Philippines
29 Jul 08
if the both of u still have feelings for each other, i rather not advice you to invite him or accept his invitation to be the godfather of your child, it will only make it hard for the both of you to move on, but if u have moved on and accept each other as "just friends" i think it's ok to invite him and also it will bring closure to you past relationship :)
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