TOFEL is difficult?

July 29, 2008 7:40am CST
I'll enter an American university.Of course I have to pass the TOFEL. But it seems difficult.Can someone explain some useful things to help me ? Anything about TOFEL is OK.I hope to here someone's own experiences. Please help me.
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@xialinye (1403)
• China
29 Jul 08
you need to pass tofel or sat or gre.they are all need to learn a lot of vocabularies.i wish you will pass the tofel.
• China
29 Jul 08
I am glad to be the peer of you,for many reasons I have planed to pass this exam,yet,I haven't gotten used to its listening and speaking sections,though the style is really amazing,the speed also reach a level that I can hardly understand ,especially when they are someting academic.In order to overcome the difficulties,I have been dictating for half a month,it is really a tough task,nevertheless ,I do believe it may help.
• Indonesia
29 Jul 08
Yes, TOEFL is kinda hard. You should consider which part you got any difficulties. and of course you have to work hard to get a high score. Listening to a film with eyes closed, reading novels (English of course), listening a music and write the lyrics, etc will surely help you. The key is to make yourself habituated. Once you found a way that fits you (the one that you enjoy), just have a go on it. And also, don't forget to ask your teacher or expertise on this.
@jonesy123 (3949)
• United States
29 Jul 08
All I can say is read the questions and possible answers carefully. The phrasing can trick you into checking the wrong answer. Also be aware that if your scores aren't good enough (good enough to enroll but not good enough to participate well in class), the university you attend may require you to take quite a few English classes. They most likely will also not solely rely on the TOEFL but will make you take another test in order to determine your fluency in the English language. At least that was the case at the University I attended. I got lucky enough to have high enough scores on both tests to get out of the English class requirement. There are some books available you can use to prepare for the test and the type of questions they use. I also recommend to read a lot of books in English in order to get used to reading the English language. Time is of the essence during the test. The books will also show you proper spelling, grammar, and sentence structure and train your brain to recognize them. There are questions of that kind on the test where the possible answers have minimal variations and it can be tricky to determine the correct one. I assume you will be enrolling at the University next year? Enrollment time for the fall is pretty much over and the TOEFL scores are a requirement to be submitted with the application. Inquire with the university as to what scores they require for the TOEFL. If you get your results and they are not high enough, you can take the test again to improve your score, until it is up to par. You don't have to have the TOEFL people report the score directly to the University. You can do that yourself once you have reached the proper score. Lastely, arrive early and well rested at the testing location. Bring the required materials with you as well. Wear layered clothing so you can shed some depending on the temperature in the room. The test is long. Be prepared! Good luck!
@shana123 (2096)
• India
29 Jul 08
yea you need to pass through that exam even me i have decided to do my higher studies in U.S but i don't know whether TOFEL is easy or not its just listening practice and i need to score more in GRE too. i guess all the stuffs are availed in net .What are you planning to do in America?