is internet becoming a basic need like "water","food"....??

@dreamssri (1796)
July 29, 2008 12:57pm CST
yeah!!to me it really seems like that.. many a people are depending on the internet for their living itself... so what do you think about it?? do you agree with me???
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29 Jul 08
Young people in today's society grew up with an interest in computing: computing in schools, at home, in college and at University as well as in the workplace. Naturally, for whatever reason, this interest grew to include the Internet. Now, because a generation of people have been brought up with computing and have had the Internet solidly included as a part of their upbringing and early education, they cannot imagine a life without it. I personally cannot imagine a life without computing and, in relation to this question, the Internet. People rely on the Interent for a manner of different reasons, but most will still be able to get by if the Internet was not around. For me personally, not having the Internet would be quite difficult because, for the time being, it is going to be a part of my career: if I go into web development as a research topic or as a job, it'll be an even bigger part of my career!
@arun713 (43)
• India
29 Jul 08 has now become sort of the basic need...
@fathaz (47)
• Malaysia
29 Jul 08
yeah.. absolutely... nowadays, technology has been spread away around the world even in small urban area... we can do many things, anythings that we like. like all in our finger tips.. haha
@ishralene09 (2260)
• Philippines
29 Jul 08
I depend on the internet to know the latest and to get information. Lately I'm trying things that would make me earn on the internet. Other than that, I'm a manual guy. I shop on the grocery, I buy stuffs myself, and I don't depend much on the internet on anything else other than information.
29 Jul 08
When John logie Baird invebted the telephone ,then everyone wanted one,and then before that it was the radio ,everyone wanted a radio,and then we have the internet and all households need the internet,it has become a fashion trend almost,and there are few households that do not have access to the internet,but yes its a wondeful thing.
• United States
29 Jul 08
I would certainly agree to this. People are doing their grocery shopping, pharmacy shopping, education, and even social lives on the internet now! Society, especially in America, has become very independant on a wireless world! This can be very good and also very dangerous, because we need to STAY PREPARED for the case of when there's a crash or an outage and we have to go back to doing things "old school" for a while or something.