Karma or as my Nanny said what goes around comes around

@addysmum (1225)
July 29, 2008 4:29pm CST
When I was about 14 or 15 I fell down the stairs to my bedroom. This act in itself was not unusual but this particular time I bounced so hard on the top step that I missed all the others except for the very bottom one and hit my head on the door frame as I flew through it. So on this particular day my brother, then 10, and his friend where at home and they came running; the little brats stood over me laughing as I gasped for air and rubbed the sore spots I could reach. Everything hurt and I knocked the wind out of myself from the hard landing. I told my brother at the time I will get revenge for laughing at me. So today my mom and I where talking and she told me that he woke my parents up leaving for work this morning. Turns out my now 25 year old brother fell down the stairs to the same bedroom this morning, he bounced on the top step missed all the others except for the bottom and hit his head on the door frame on his way through. Now the difference in my fall and his besides the age is that when I fell I was like maybe 120 pounds and my brother is like 250. So not only did karma bite him but he was 10 years older then I was so he is going to hurt more and recover slower and he is a lot bigger. You know the old saying the bigger you are the harder you fall. Well karma got him good this time. Have you ever had karma get you or someone you know back bigger then the action that it was balancing out? I just want you all to know of course I was concerned for him but he did get up and go to work and he will be fine so I am allowed to laugh at him and boy do I ever plan on laughing. Happy Landing Boy Child.
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@Pose123 (21660)
• Canada
29 Jul 08
Hi addysmum, Since your brother is okay, I think you got the last laugh here, and I see nothing wrong with you reminding him. It don' always happen like this and of course he was a bit too young to understand at the time, but I think that it is true that "what comes around goes around". Blessings.
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@addysmum (1225)
• Canada
29 Jul 08
Thanks for the response. Really it's not that I think this was really karma getting him for laughing. I am sure I would have laughed also, I do make funny noses when I fall down. Everyone laughs at me when I fall. I just think it is very interesting that he fell the same way on the same stairs. I am so clumsy that I can fall down while standing still and a few years ago my mom fell down the back stairs of the house while standing at the top. She phoned me up after she recovered enough and told me that she never believed that I could fall down standing still until she did it herself. Next thing they have to do is fall so hard they put a door through the wall at the top of the stairs and themselves through the wall at the bottom. Then they should have covered the more unusual falls I have had on stairs. As far as all my other accidents they have a long way to go to catch up to that list.
@twoey68 (13651)
• United States
9 Aug 08
LOL Boy, what goes around comes around. I'm a firm believer in that anyways so it always brings a grin from me when I see somebody get the old Karma bite. **AT PEACE WITHIN** ~~STAND STRONG IN YOUR BELIEFS~~