I am confused!!! I just cannot find out any topic on which I can start a........

I am confused!! - Cannot start a discussion!!
July 30, 2008 3:02am CST
I cannot get a topic to start a discussion. Do this things happened with you ever??? Do you run out of ideas?? In which interests do you all generally start a discussion. Be free to comment.
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@alokn99 (5717)
• India
30 Jul 08
Maybe if you stopped thinking so hard about starting one and go one responding to discussions you may get some ideas. I prefer the interests of life ,more so because there is so much to share and learn about all our experiences in life.
• India
30 Jul 08
Well,then I am going to do,what you have said. Thanks for responding.
@hezoid (2144)
2 Aug 08
When that happens i just add a new interest that no one else has ever added, start a topic in it and hope other peole become interested enough to add it as one of their interests and thus you will have created a whole new topic of interest!
@sunshinecup (7871)
30 Jul 08
Yep I burned out a long time ago, that's why I just reply mostly. Just seems like everything has been discussed here and I hate the idea of repeating. So when I do have a post, it's something to do with my real life experience, of course if nothing is going on......... that just makes it worse, LOL.
@Jody20 (887)
• Netherlands
30 Jul 08
I always find i hard to start a discussion, the harder i think the less ideas come out of me. I can't say which interest i generally start a discussion i can't think of it.