Elvis' first Concert - July 30th

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July 30, 2008 8:38am CST
On this date in 1954, Elvis Presley appeared in concert for the first time at Memphis, TN. Headliner was Slim Whitman. I wonder what songs he sang at this concert? Elvis was a little before my time. My mom liked it him a little. Did you ever go to one of his concerts? Where? Were the girls really that hyped up or was it for tv?
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28 Mar 09
girl, u don't know what u missed growing up in the elvis era. we were all nuts over him. best looking thing i ever saw. i never to my sorrow ever got to see one of his concerts. that is something i have always regretted. they were hyped no put on there.
@PearlGrace (3171)
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30 Jul 08
I never did go to an Elvis concert. But my mom was really in to him. And he was pretty popular in my teens and early twenties. Hmm, I bet you can find out what songs he sang at that concert by googling "Elvis' first concert." For sure, the girls loved him. They would always be crying and screaming his name whenever he sang on TV. My mom played his records constantly when we were growing up. She adored him.
@jillhill (37374)
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30 Jul 08
Everyone was in love with Elvis...he was a rock and roll icon. I personally loved him too and have made the journey to Memphis to tour his home and museum. We did go crazy for him. I never got to attend one of his concerts but have his last concert from Hawaii on tape....so for me Elvis will never die! LOL