You're so rich!

July 30, 2008 9:21am CST
And you've got the coolest cars in Luxembourg! What cars have you guys seen there?
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• Brazil
30 Jul 08
i've do not understand what are you trying to say. are you asking us about if we have the coolst car in luxembourg what car should be it? or are you just telling us you did got the car and ask what car we use? well if you are asking what car we use... i use one Fiat Uno 2008 =/ but if you have asked about what car i wish to have if i was to me have the coolest car in luxembourg i really do not know xD maybe any kind of car more mordern with your own design or maybe something classic it is really a hard question. well my last name is ferrari so i believe the car i wish to have should be a ferrari too. modern or no is the car i wish to have ^^ the model? doesn't matter any is good xD
• Denmark
30 Jul 08
Just saying that you have a lot of cool cars down there :) In Denmark we don't really have a lot of cool cars :/
@alpha7 (1910)
• France
30 Jul 08
Is there something different in Luxembourg? Do they manufacture their own cars? Honestly,i have never been there but i hear a lot about the Country.