what do you do if you see a friend didnot see him many years ago?

July 30, 2008 9:28am CST
Tell me about your sense at this moment... I think it is moment of unusual.
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31 Jul 08
I dont know what im going to do .. The fact of not to see a dear friend during many years, is very dificult and exciting at the same time, so the first thing that i wiil do is to embrace him very hard, see intensily his face, that one that i didn't see during years after that I give him another big and lovely HUGand tell him how much i mis him and how i love him .. Or love her. Then im gonna remember with him all the great memories and all the god and bad moments that we enjoyed together.And finally we are going to spend time to going out and eNJOY THIS WONDERFUL MOMENT ..
• India
30 Jul 08
hi... shamashemnice.... how are you... its a great pleasure to see. i will hug her. i was very happy to spend lot of time with my friend... we will go to hotel to have our lunch and we will go to shopping malls to do our purchase. i will get a nice gift to her... i will spent lot of time with her. we will speak all our past and present life... keep posting... take care... and have fun...
@snowbitz (487)
• Philippines
30 Jul 08
I have experience that when we move to other part of the philippines i was shock to see my friend walking with her kid.She greeted me and we talk awhile because she was in a hurry to meet her husband.And one of my friend too since college life i saw in one of the malls in our place i don't have the nerve to approach him because he might not recognize me i just stare at him .