suggest ways how mylot can optimize their site for faster loading...

July 30, 2008 10:37am CST
i hope the web team of mylot reads this discussion coz i am sure many techies in here would give in their valuable inputs which in turn is going to help all mylotters. one thing i have noticed is that when we are responding or commenting on any discussion, the page takes quite some time to reload and when we have many comments to really is a pain. i believe if they use AJAX for the add a comment button or give an instant box to type in when clicked on, it would actually save a lot of time and give all mylotters more time to comment on many more responses. just like they have done for the rating buttons where the entire page isn't refreshed when clicked and it instantly shows 'rated' i am sure there will be many many more suggestions that can be given to optimize the site and improve the experience of all mylotters.
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