myLot best resonse?

@MadaManu (113)
July 30, 2008 8:07pm CST
If the strarter of one discusion, marks my response as best response i'll earn more money for that response?
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@vanities (11410)
• Davao, Philippines
31 Jul 08
yes,,you will earned but not that much depending on how many best responses you got..and i did notice that many best responses you got now?
@MadaManu (113)
• Romania
31 Jul 08
I don't know were i can see if my response was marked as best response. But i'm just at start. This is my first day here on myLot.
@iyah10 (4116)
• Kuwait
31 Jul 08
I never heard that having a Best Response would certainly add an earning here in MyLot but what I know is that if you will received a Best Response your MyLot reputation will grow......
@awaliyah (165)
• Indonesia
31 Jul 08
Yes ofcourse,u must best asking or your have good contenct discusion and best respont too so you can earn money 0,3 or 0,1.
@rsa101 (24799)
• Philippines
31 Jul 08
I also noticed that too but I am not sure how much. I noticed that one day when I got my payment by 0.91 that day they the next day there was someone that marked my post as best response my earnings increased by 0.02. I didn't realized that it was from the best reponse mark I got.
@bigtom1 (1573)
31 Jul 08
its not official but some keen members noticed that when they had their answer marked for best response, their earnings went up by $0.02. So i will assume that yes you will earn that amount for a best response. Welcome and keep responding to discussions.