how many 'free income' site did you join? Your statistics.

@Lejandro (1530)
United States
July 30, 2008 11:41pm CST
I'm taking a little chance with my time (certainly 0 $$$ investment). My stats: PTC - 4 Paid-to-write(PTW)- 2 Paid-to-read email(PTRE) - 2 Paid-to-play(PTP) - 1 Paid-to-review (PTR)- 2 paid-to-blog (PTB)- 2 paid-to-review music (PTRM)- 1 Paid-to-websearch(PTWS) - 1 Paid-to-survey (PTS) - 1 Paid-to-try offers (PTTO) - 1 Paid-to-post (PTP) - 1 (MyLot!!!!) Anymore category I haven't joined? LOL. Never knew I haven't join this much. LOL. Did it all for fun, it's all free anyway. I spend about 5 hours a day doing all 18 sites. I hope I get paid by all. I have ony chosen selectively which to join after doing some research and listening to other members' comments. How 'bout you? what are your stats? Just use the abbreviations. I hope I'm not alone....
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