how can you make a dog happy in his last days?

July 31, 2008 3:42am CST
I have this pet dog given by my bestfriend. Her name is Kulet. It was 10 years ago when she was given to me. Imagine 1 year of human time is equivalent to 9 years to dogs, so my Kulet is 90yrs old now. She was obviously stinky even if she is given 2 baths a day, she only has her fangs left, and she easily bumps into something because of poor vision. Sad to say any moment she could die of old age. Can you help me make her happier?
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@deem1977 (242)
• United States
31 Jul 08
The first question I need to ask you is what breed of dog Kulet is. The reason I ask this is because many small breeds live a long time -- so that 10 years is not that old for them -- many live until 14-15 years and some even longer. On the other hand, with large breeds, the life span tends to be shorter. Second, I have heard that one year in human years is closer to 7 years in dog years, so maybe Kulet is only 70. In terms of some things you could do to make her happier, I don't know where you live, but I would recomment taking her to the vet to see whether she has any active health problems and to discuss this lifve expectancy issue with the vet. The reason I say this is because I had a friend whose dog was about 11 years old and had gone blind because of cataracts but was otherwise in good health; the vet explained to her that the life expectancy for that breed of dog was well into the teens so she decided to have the cataracts surgically removed so the dog could see. She wouldn't have done it if the dog only had a brief life expectancy, but the thought that the dog could live for another 4 years or so with vision helped her to decide on what she should do. Also, if your dog has arthritis as many older dogs do, the vet may be able to prescribe something to make it more comfortable which would surely make it happier. If the dog is otherwise pretty healthy and the only issue is how to make it happier, I would suggest (as others have) spending a lot of quality time with the dog, doing things that it likes to do and is still able to do, and taking lots of pictures. Because you will want to have those pictures as well as those memories after Kulet is gone. Good luck!
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31 Jul 08
Be close to you dog as much as possible. In 10 years the dog must have build a very strong attachment to you, so being with You makes your Dog more happier than any other thing. That's it and take complete care of your Dog.
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31 Jul 08
I am sorry to hear that ,i think maybe you should give something it like to eat ,and maybe that you take it out to have a walk can make he happy