home made cluedo - how to make it?

July 31, 2008 4:03am CST
Hello all, I was thinking of making an own version of the good old cluedo game. The principle would be the same, but I would like to give it a personal touch. Is there anybody out here that has tried to make a personal version of Cluedo? What should I take into account? I know already there has to be 9 rooms or places, 6 characters and 6 murderweapons. and of course 1 victim. good ideas are more than welcome!!!
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@leeloo (1492)
• Portugal
31 Jul 08
When I was younger my friends and I would make up adventures of us investigating a crime that happened. A great source of material was the Agatha Christie books and the like as there are several suspects all with clear motives and everyone is guilty of something. Like with cluedo everyone could be the killer, we would have envelopes that would give our character and description and each section would have another envelope to show how the character evolved and give clues at the end the players would try and guess who the killer. The amount of times we redid Murder on the Orient Express changing not only the character names but the outcome as it allowed for surprises. This is not exactly cluedo but hope it gives some ideas for your own game. Good luck, hope you have a lot of fun.
• Finland
31 Jul 08
cool, that is also on of the things I would love to try: a murder mystery game. However, now I am looking to really make my own cluedo game. I dont think it should be hard, but I would need some inspiration as to set the theme so to say. Since i dont have the board game anymore, i would also need to figure out the "doors and hallway" systems. thanks for the great idea though!
• United States
16 Sep 08
I have never made my own version, but I have the board game Clue Mine came with... game board cards (suspects, weapons and rooms) 6 tokens (players) 6 weapons notepads for players to use 2 dice and that little envelope to place the who, what and where cards at the begining of the game Good luck! Nocturnica