why response of my discussion is very less,up to now the most is 6...

July 31, 2008 9:22am CST
why my discussions with less response?Is the reason that my english is poor and you don't undertand what i say at all?Please tell me why?
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@chenmeiyi (973)
• China
31 Jul 08
pls don't be sad,maybe your topic is not so much attractive,try to start something that everyone has something to say and now we are living the multiculture,so we have to consider a great deal. take care,never lose heart.
• China
31 Jul 08
thank you for encouragingmaybe my the discussion i star is not attractive...
@dreamssri (1796)
• India
31 Jul 08
oh dont feel friend!!! here in mylot,language doesn't matters.. when you gotta interesting discussion,how can one ignore that??? try starting discussions with more choices of answers...i think it'll solve your problem.... Goodday, Sri
@sunshinecup (7880)
31 Jul 08
Number of responses come and go all the time. It really depends on the topic you are writing about as to how many replies you get. If it's something few people can relate to, then that will give you less posts. Also if it's too simple as well, like do you use a comb? That won't draw alot in as well. But don't worry about it, you only get paid for the first reply and nothing after that. So while it can be a bit disappointing to not see so many responses, your at least still making money.
@lazeebee (5466)
• Malaysia
31 Jul 08
Hi Zhao, don't be disheartened. We are all here to learn and share. When I first started with myLot, I even have discussions with 0 responses. I gather you are here to make friends and also learn English, so don't give up. You will find your way around.
@Elkeliini (265)
• Finland
31 Jul 08
well my max response has been 9 so far. I think it has to do with the system of MyLot. Because the "promoted" threads are visible only for a short amount of time. people will onlny answer to the very recent threads that appear under the icons above. So if you dont have immediate action on your thread it will most likely get lost in the bowels of Mylot.