Has anyone attempted to make sushi?

crunch roll sushi - delicious sushi THIS ONE HAS A TON of tempura batter...now that is a crunch roll!
United States
July 31, 2008 2:11pm CST
I love sushi. The first time I had it was at a small Japanese spot in little fie points Atlanta, Georgia. I ordered a California roll and I did not like it ERY much, but it was interesting. I poked the avocado out with my chop stick that I was just learning how to use. The next time I had sushi was with a group of friends at a local sushi spot in Atlanta again, much nicer but had one dollar sushi nights. All you can eat. So I liked it better. I kept going until I loved it. Eventually I learned what to order and what not to order but the first time I ordered a crunch roll which is fried with shrimp tempura...i was hooked. I never eat sushi unless they have a crunch roll. MMM i reccomend it to everyone. Een if you hate sea food. Because I dont eat fish at all, and I love the crunch roll. It has fried shimp on the inside, rice, avocado, other stuff and topped with crunchy tempura batter and swirled with what tastes like teriyaki glaze. MMMM! So my real question is...i am very Caucasian/American and would love to know step by step how to make this at home. I try to watch the sushi chefs but I do not know what they are using! can someone help me? have you made sushi?
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@egdcltd (10189)
31 Jul 08
I've made sushi and sashimi at home, although the only sushi I made was nigiri and hotomaki (which I've usually seen called California rolls).
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@greenline (14848)
• Canada
31 Jul 08
Sushi ceratianly is one of my favorite Japanese food. The other favorite is sashimi, the raw fish. I am sorry , I don't know how to prepare sushi though !
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• Malaysia
3 Oct 08
Try to use Japanese Sushi Vinegar or Japanese Rice Vinegar for the rice. I try using normal vinegar, the taste is so so only. But i use Japs Sushi Vinegar i taste good (after hundreds of times keep trying and trying and finally i have done). now i still trying to do crabstick like those Japs Rest does. I get so clue after several times of try. The crabstick no need to be cook , if u cook it the shape mayb will gone. For salmon, you can buy it from supermarket and design your own. The most important things is the rice.
• Philippines
2 Sep 08
Sushi??? the very bASIC??? cook the japanese rice add vinegar, salt,sugar or whatever you'd like to add to suit your taste. i usually add sake. mold it and you have your very basic SUSHI!!! hahaha very common one would be nigiri-zushi which i don't usually prepare with raw fish because i don't know what to do with the raw fish and i don't like having parasites swirming in my stomach. moving on...just mold the sushi rice add a swab of wasabi on top then put the raw fish or whatever you like to add there (e.g. srimp, sweet egg, tuna, vegetable, omelette etc!) then wrap it with nori (seaweed wrapper) to secure your topping and voila nigiri-zushi! the roll? you like the roll one? place the sushi rice in your nori (may use the whole nori), add the toppings that you like, maybe vegetable, fish, whatever... or you may add avocado if you like, cucumber, carrots, mayonaise?? if you like, tuna....different varieties at your choice! then roll the nori, make sure its tight, dip a little water at the end of your nori to stick it at the other end. then cut! Maki-sushi na. see? its easy but rest assured your raw is safe to eat. hehehe
• Singapore
31 Aug 08
Is easy.just get the sushi bamboo roller thingy. Is like you put the seaweed and rice then just roll it.
• United States
29 Aug 08
no i've never made it yet. but we got a kit with all the stuff we need. even the plates and sauce cups. and a cute little spinning serving tray thing. so i think we will try to make it soon
@markrobb (76)
• United States
4 Aug 08
I too love sushi..... What I don't love is paying alot of money for sushi. Because of this my family makes our own sushi on a fairly regular basis. Alot of the fun of eating sushi is to enjoy it with friends. Soooo we have sushi parties at the house and invite other over to learn how to make their own sushi. The other reason is that you get to construct exactly what you like and it can be whatever you want. The first think you'll want to do is locate an Oriental Market they will have everything you need. What do you need? Well lets start with the gear: Bamboo roller (a flat bamboo mat used to roll up the sushi), cutting board, very sharp knife, a way to cook rice (large pot or rice cooker) Now you will need the core ingredients: Rice (there is a special kind but we have used regular as well), Rice Vinegar and Sugar (both get mixed into the rice), Sheets of seaweed, and then all the items you would like to put inside: Flying fish roe, smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, avocado, tempura mix for deep frying chicken and shrimp, scallions, crab meat (imitations works fine), etc, It's best to bring home a sushi menu and use that as a guide to buy your stuff to put inside. If you notice I didn't mention anything raw... because serving raw is something that a novice should take very seriously and give some serious thought to whether they want to try and tackle it. If you get raw wrong people can get VERY sick and even die. I don't do raw. Once you have everything you will find that doing it yourself is very easy and fun and most importantly ECONOMICAL. A book can be helpful but is not neccesary Email me if you have any questions.