Can I delete a discussion?

United States
July 31, 2008 4:08pm CST
I have acouple of discussion that have no response and having been sitting around for months. And one discussion that I don't want to see anymore. HAHA Don't ask. So is there any way I can delete a discussion?
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@dragon54u (31644)
• United States
31 Jul 08
Nope. I have quite a few with no responses, too, but we have no control over what happens to our discussions after we post them. Too bad.
@sunshinecup (7880)
31 Jul 08
No you can't delete discussions. You also don't want someone else to report it, cause if mylot looks into and find nothing wrong with it, it could come back on that person who reported it. That use to be a problem at one time, people make false reports on posts, just because they had a beef with a person. So that isn't a good idea. Just note from here on out, your posts are permanent and to really think it through before posting them. BTW Best Response will remove it from the open discussions, but that does little as far as removing it from the site, anyone can still see it.
@alkurishy (2069)
• Iraq
31 Jul 08
I don't think you can delete some of your discussions, because there are some of mine still there for more than a month without any response, I think we should not be fast to start any discussion without make sure we will have at least one response to it. Have a nice day.
@stvasile (7316)
• Romania
31 Jul 08
No, you can't delete a discussion. But I can help you solve the unresolved discussions: add me as a friend and send me a private message with the link to your unresolved discussions and I'll give a response of some kind... I hate to see all my unresolved discussions too! There might be a way of having your discussions deleted: ask someone to report that discussion for not following the guidelines. If there is no reason to delete it, than ask someone to post a response that breaks the rules and then it can be reported and deleted. It's a long shot. but it's the only way...