What Irritates the heck out of you?... Maybe when 3 TV's are left on .....

@nanciem (1106)
United States
July 31, 2008 5:53pm CST
the same friggin' channel.... HELLO I can have 3 people in my house 3 different TV's but the same channel... Ummm Hello! Or when people call you on the phone and decide to eat at the same time.... don't care for that, or maybe when people leave the fridge door open until they are done making a sandwich... what bugs the heck out of you?
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@Wizzywig (7858)
31 Jul 08
Hmm, lets see... tea stains on the work surface; wet toilet seats; empty toilet rolls when everyone knows where the new ones are kept; when people put the kettle on, walk away & then reboil it; when people turn on the car engine and then put on their belt, adjust the seat, change the CD etc etc, finding little dribbles and dregs left in bottles/jars etc... either leave me enough for one use or finish the stuff!! Oh, I've got enough for a whole 'Grumpy old women' show!!!