Trip to Home Depot using a $25 gift card from Gather

Dracaena "Magenta" Dracaena Marginata. - Plant from Home Depot
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August 1, 2008 9:04am CST
Gather is my preferred earning site. A few weeks ago I earned my first $25 Home Depot gift card from them. A few days ago I put in a request for my next $25 Home Depot gift card. It is very exciting when I get to make the request! The other day I took my two younger kids to Home Depot with me to use my first $25 gift card from Gather. We started in the garden section because I was thinking about getting some hanging baskets. But all of them were too expensive and not what I wanted. I was started to think their plant selection was no good so we went inside and started looking for something else. Then I spotted more plants inside and saw things that I actually liked that were reasonably priced. I debated getting some tall potted plants to put outside and bring in during cold months. But I am really bad at keep plants alive so I started looking at some of the really small ones. They had pots that were about 4 inches tall and the plants themselves were at the point where they would soon need transplanted- or it looked that way to me anyway. I decided these were the plants for me because almost all of them were labeled as easy care and either medium or low sunlight. We don't get a lot of direct sunlight in the house and our indirect sunlight is just fair. I picked out three of these at $2.99 each. They had the following labels: Ivy "My Heart" Hedera Helix. Dracaena "Magenta" Dracaena Marginata. Philodendron "Green" Philodendron Scandens. After choosing some plants (I prefer greens to flowers...not sure why) we walked around other parts of the store and ended up in the paint section. I found the tintable chalkboard paint for around $10 and was considering this. We stood there talking about it for a while (I was asking my daughter's input but she reminded me that we were there to buy flowers, not paint). I also checked out the whiteboard paint and glow in the dark paint before we walked away. I am thinking of things to do to the kids room and maybe the attic if I ever make part of that into a play room. Maybe next time I will get some paint. Unless we have a major purchase to take care of. So we went back to the plant area. Then I choose some potting soil because we have terrible soil at our house. Otherwise I would have saved my money and just used that. I choose a small bag of Miracle Gro Organic Choice Potting Mix. It was just around $.20 more than the regular. I really didn't check for the difference (I know the term "organic" is thrown around with little regulation) but with that little of a price difference I decided to go with it. It contains 8 dry quarts. Cost was just about $4. Then I decided that I still want to do hanging baskets on our porch eventually so I bought a 5 pack of plain black ceiling hooks and a 2 pack of plain black extender hooks in case the ceiling hooks don't let the plants hang low enough. Those have a screw to put into a ceiling too. The packages claims that each hook holds up to 50 pounds. I paid $5 for both packs. At the checkout I bought one of Home Depot's $.99 reuable bags which is one of the coolest I have seen yet. Their bag has elastic sides and plastic things on each side so that you can hang it in a shopping cart and fill it up. You can prebag your stuff (though you have to take it out ring it up- still pretty cool). It holds a lot too. I would take a picture but I left it in my car! Now I have 4 reusable grocery bags- two regular ones from Giant Foods, an insulated one from Giant Foods and this one from Home Depot. And speaking of Giant Foods- thought I would share my new Gerbera Daisy that I found there. I thought it was funny that the first place I thought to look for one I found it- and there was only one good one. The other two were dying. It was about $7. I always forget how little $25 will get you! But then I remember that it was free for me and that makes me feel better! Are you a member of Gather? Look me up if you want to be friends:
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1 Aug 08
Sounds like a great trip, and it's great that you got a bit off with your giftcard. I haven't tried gather, yet, but I think I might look into it. (And, FYI, organic is actually a very regulated term. There are loopholes, of course, but there are pretty stringent requirements for calling something 'organic'. I sell plants and seeds on etsy and meet the requirements but am not certified, so I can't call my products organic but can label them as being grown using organic principles.) Maybe you can buy the paint on your next trip.
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17 Nov 08
Thanks for the FIY- I am learning more and more about how the term is used and it's kind of sad how loose the rules are when it comes to people using the word "organic". I am hoping to buy that paint someday! Fluff...Gather is a great site- once you get the hang of it, it's a great place to play!
@Nan110 (469)
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12 Jan 09
I'm also on Gather. I'm really enjoying it.