Microsft WINDOWS or Apple MAC?

@psalm1_3 (562)
August 1, 2008 9:47am CST
What OS are you using? I think Mr. Windows gates dominates in terms of number of usage.. Here in the Philippines, Windows are almost everywhere in all computers.. Schools, internet cafes, homes, even goverment and private companies.. Though Mac is a good OS too, I think since majority are using Windows, most developers are also putting their efforts to software for this OS. For sure they are on the side on which many are interesting. As what they say, "The manier, the better!" But nowadays, developers are having intelligent moves.. They're making their softwares compatible on either OS.. Some even are already platform-independent.. And that's the beauty of competition. Companies compete, for the betterment of the costumers.. (A round of applaus for them pls...)
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