Mages and Frost

United States
August 1, 2008 11:23am CST
I recently have been trying an alternate character on world of warcraft (Hyjal Server) a mage to be exact. I have a level 45 Hunter Beast spec'd, and I thought i'd try out a caster. I had a 37 priest, and didn't have enough time with it. However to the point, I've found that the mage and be quite fun and can bring some massive dps. I was just curious about the arcane, fire, and frost. What do you think is the best spec for a mage, and what will help me most in pvp?
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@Dracens (23)
2 Aug 08
for Pvp most people use frost and yes frost is pretty nice for pvp but since pvpers prepare for frost with frost resistance though and you dont get as much spell damage as speccing arcane and fire it has flaws. My brother has a mage and speccing arcane and fire surprised them and actually was effective. None the less he still gets owned in Pvp so in any case depending on if you want higher damage traits(arcane-fire) or stuff that defends you or stops other players attacks or something like that(frost) is your choice.(there is the option of switching back and forth depending on what you concentrating on but soon you'll be paying 50g to switch talents =p)
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2 Aug 08
Frost resistance huh? Sounds like a plan the reason I choose a mage was because of the teleportation, and the dps. I've always like casters they're just more sarcastic than the run in and kill stuff classes.
• United States
2 Aug 08
People don't stack frost resist for PvP. You can't toss on a resist set in Arenas and no one in their right might is going to gimp themselves with a resist set in Battlegrounds. As for the Arcane/Fire spec, I'm assuming you're talking about a PoM/Pyro spec which is only good in Battlegrounds against targets that have little to no Resilience. Frost is the only viable spec for PvP because as soon as people see you're not Frost, you will get focused on and die before you can do any damage.
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3 Aug 08
=p ouch k guess i nubbed up on the mage thing thats why i dont have one im a warr person run in and kill - - well still i did say frost was pvp but none the less my brother finds some way to do alright in bg and arenas arcane/fire specced. I'll ask him about it more later thx for the correction(unusual thx)
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• United States
2 Aug 08
There is no single best spec for a mage, they each have their pros and cons (for PvE). For PvP though, Frost is the way to go. With a little practice you can kill people (or mobs) very quickly with shatter combos. Fire can do decent damage in PvP but it lacks the survivability and burst that Frost has.
• United States
2 Aug 08
I have to agree with the survivability, its been very helpful in leveling so far. I've been finding it great when your running away from something as well, or when you just want to get away.
@almae01 (112)
• Spain
14 Aug 08
I have to agree, when doing arenas for example, a fire mage will not last too long, if you want to focus on PVP frost will make you survive longer.
@Shylor (53)
• United States
11 Sep 08
I have a lvl 47 arcane mage and I find that it helps to keep the mana levels up, I don't OOM as much as when I was frost.
@xtedaxcvg (3190)
• Philippines
20 Aug 08
Frost and Fire are both good for PvP. I just got charred by a fire mage in an arena match recently. And I can't even get to him on time becoz of his little frost mage slowing me down a lot. Sigh..
@Zalvor (727)
• Turkey
17 Aug 08
I have a lvl 45 fire mage and he's dealing massive damage. The most useful spell would probably be pyroblast. Together with combustion, which doubles your chance of a critical strike, it is a fearsome spell. The down side is, it takes 6 secs to cast it, and it can be useless in the middle of a PVP. It makes a good opening statement when there is some distance though.
• United States
12 Aug 08
Frost a battelfield controller and has the highest suvivability due to its clowing/freezing capabilities. Fire is a DPS thing, damage all and everyone as fast as you can. Personally since magi are squishy, I prefer frost a lot. You can still use fire and arcane spells as a Frost mage.
• Sweden
10 Aug 08
I prefer frost cuz of its slowing its goodagaints warriors or rouges paladins i dont rly care