NOSTRADAMUS "S PROPHECIES Mylotter intelectuals to wake up.

August 1, 2008 11:41am CST
Mylotters and friends I am initiating a discussion on the Prophecies of the Nostradamus. Nostradamus added this strange quatrain after the Century VI in his originalwork This means. Those who read these prophecies should consider them with mature mind. The profane,volgar and ignorant should not try to study this work. The astrologers,Fools and Bbarbarians should not try to interpret these quatrains. Whosoever shall act otherwise is cursed according to rite. Many of the prophecies of Nostradamus interepreted by various scholars had proved to be correct. Attack on the World Trade Centre and destruction there and its affter effect American attack on Irak and desstruction on mankind had also a place in the quatrains/prophecies of the Nostradamus. As far as I know Nostradamus was a French who write these predictions centuries back which had been proved correct in the past and are likely to be proved in future According to Nostradamus there will be worldwar-III may be fought on earth of Europe and may end in germ bombs by china which may spread epidemics in European and western countries. Any body having more knowledge about the prediction by Nostradamus wake up. I personally feel that for the sake of humanity the predictions interepreted by scholars of the Prophecies of Nostradamus may prove wrong.
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@union6 (326)
1 Aug 08
i do like reading his works but find it very cryptic and poetic, i dont belive he could actully predict the futer but rather interpritate past events to make a new story that could happen in the futer because after all broad history reapets itself. The one argument that comes up time and time again is: why do you have to wait till after the event has hapend that then it seems as though he predicted it, and if he can predict the futer then take a passage and predict whats going to happen.