Why do my friends comment on photos??

@venkygec (783)
August 1, 2008 1:11pm CST
Well! I upload photos only in my interests.. But most of my friends also upload photos on their profile... I get lots of notifications on my home page regarding a friend commented on someones photo... I was wondering why am i getting so many notifiactions... Is there any particular reason my friends are commenting on photos..??
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@paid2write (5201)
2 Aug 08
MyLot only allows us to comment on friends photos. If you see a photo posted by someone who is not on your friends list you can't add a comment to it, you can only rate it. Whenever a friend posts a photo or comments on one it will appear on your home page under activities, so you can add your own comment if you want to. I like looking at photos and commenting on them. We are paid for participating at myLot and it may also add to someone's earnings when their photo is commented on.
@marina321 (4556)
2 Aug 08
I am just commenting about the many notifications - you know you can turn those off in your preferences right? You can also turn on or off notifications for each friend. I only receive notifications for comments on my responses and take my time with the rest About earning for commenting as the last posters have indicated, I suppose it counts as activity and all activity is rewarded apparently