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United States
August 1, 2008 1:59pm CST
I was placed on 30 attendence probation at work, I have completed two weeks of my probation. A few days after that Human Resources came out with a new policy that everyone had signed. Everytime we are abscent from work we need documentation. I don't go to the Doctors off everytime I get a sniffle, and I am not paid for sick days. Second, if we are late for work we need to provid documentation. I take the bus to work, if the bus is late how do you get documentation. I told my boss that the bus was late, she looked and said do you have documentation I said I can call the bus driver, I need documentation fro a court, Doctor or lawyer. What documenttation can one get if you are driving to work and there is an accident on the road, pull up to the office and have him wirte you a note. Career I was suspended for being late 3 minutes because the bus was late. I was suspended for two days. I am 39 years old and not in high school and if iam late due to uncontroable circumstances, I will not provide documentation. I have written my resignation letter, and am ready to quit. Should I quit, or shrug it off?? Not to mention, I do not like my job and I have way more experience than telemarketing.
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• Philippines
1 Aug 08
If you don't like it there then go ahead and resign. Its senseless to stay at work if you don't like it. But you should know that company policies are made not just for the benefit of the company, the do good things for you too. I used to have problems like that when I was in college. My professor would always lock the door the minute he entered the room and then I'd be absent in his class. He tells me that since he is the professor its his rules that I should follow so I should come to class earlier than he does to avoid trouble. I used to wake up at 6 A.M. to leave for school at 7 A.M. for an 8 A.M. class to avoid getting late and the entire trip would only take 30 mins and that is in a rainy day with heavy traffic. LOL Some rules in life are strange but even so we need to follow them because I doubt an idiot could make rules/laws. Also try to weigh things before you continue on resigning, even if its just a small job, resigning is a big decision to make.
1 Aug 08
I'm with mobilecubie, policies are made for the company and can for the good of you. Maybe look for another job before you quit one. Do you have bills you need to pay? Should I say responsibilities might be at stake if you just up and quit. It sounds like you had chances before you went on probation. How many did you break before this happened? Just try and weigh things out before you jump ship.