Adsense is going to ban me......Help please

August 1, 2008 2:09pm CST
I run a website where i put all my referral links. I also run adsense on my website. Previously i knew that adsense does not allow ptc sites. But i was not sure that referral sites are also allowed to show their ads. One of their policy says: Content regarding programs which compensate users for clicking on ads or offers, performing searches, surfing websites, or reading emails. So my website is full of referral links. It will not take long for adsense to find out that i am not obeying their policy. My account may get banned anytime. But i have made a nice website(i think) & recently also created a blogger. I removed my ads from my blog. So there is no other way except to remove my ads from my website. Now i want to show other company's ads on my website & blog. But there are lots of companies out there. I only know a few. So please help me decide which advertiser company i should choose? Also if you know then please give me their method of payment.
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