how will you know is the guy is serious in courting you?

@zeny_zion (1284)
August 1, 2008 3:31pm CST
what will i look for? do i have to know his background and family history? how will i do that? do i have to ask or investigate? i want to have the right man. i dont want to be mistaken again. i want to be with the right guy for the rest of my life.
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• Philippines
1 Aug 08
How old are you? If you are still young no need to fret you have plenty of time left. If you ask me there is really no way to say if he is the right man for you or if you will be together forever. Checking his background and family history is alright if he is courting you and the best way to get answers is to ask. Here are my tips for you. Be the right woman and don't look for the right man (he will come eventually), make sure that he respects you and doesn't only want to go to bed with you, and if possible get to know him better (let him court you for a year if possible, I did). I hope you find love, but honestly if you want to be happy all you need to do is love yourself first and accept what you have.