which is better, being single or being committed with someone?

August 1, 2008 4:02pm CST
in my own opinion, there are lots of differences between when you are committed or single.. when you are single, you can do whatever you want to do.. you dont need to ask someone's permission to do this or to do that, you can go wherever you want.. and also you are free of dating someone.. and meeting someone.. but if you are committed, wherever you go, you need to ask his/her permission.. the good thing of being committed is that you are not alone.. you can ask for your partner's opinion for something that you are doubting to do.. there are lots of differences between the two right? how about you.. could you pls tell me your opinion regarding this matter?
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@sisco100 (2344)
• United States
3 Aug 08
its hard to say cuz they both have there good things and bad things about it. i like being with someone but i just not ready for the whole commitment thing just yet. i've had alot of bad relationships and my trust for women is very low due to it. right now i'm single and enjoy it cuz theres nothing to distract me form my learning and right now i'm trying to make a life for myself before i even thing about dating any one.
4 Aug 08
both are contradictory right? and i believe that both have advantages and disadvantages.. that's why if you choose one, you must be sure on what decision to make..
@ramangill (1479)
• India
10 Aug 08
Yes, i believe that being single is better than being committed.The only reason i say is that there must not be any compensation of freedom.I think that bond is the worst thing in a relationship.You can never find a person who will give you full freedom.HE/SHE will surely have some expectations from you,which poisons a relationship.I think every person comes alone and has to go alone,So there is no need to make bonds. One night stands are OK i think to fulfill your wants.LOL take care peace.
@munna007 (227)
• India
10 Aug 08
hello friends....getting commited is not bad....but its rare to find true girl on which u can beleive....girls often deceive ....so i would like to stay alone with myself than with other girl.......... other thing is that getting commited sometime becomes a bond.... i dont like bond....our life shuold be free.... i also dont like commited with parents....
@adoremay (2069)
• Philippines
9 Aug 08
It is a choice. You will always know what is yours. You need not to weigh which is better. It does not matter. If you commit of becoming a single then you will be. If you want a partner then you get one.
@rae777 (110)
6 Aug 08
I think its like most other things there are pros and cons to being both. I guess the main thing is just try to be happy where ever you are in life. :)
• United States
5 Aug 08
like most other people have already said...it really depends on where you are at in life. Also, it depends on your personality. Being in a relationship and being single both have their advantages. If you are single, you can do what you want, and not be tied down to one person, and also not worry about all the emotional issues that come with a relationship, or a breakup if it comes to that. Also, depending on who you date, a boyfriend/girlfriend can be an expensive proposition. However, if you are in a relationship, then you get the emotional attachement of being with the person that you love.
@meltem28 (15)
• Turkey
2 Aug 08
in my opinion even if you are committed to someone else you shouldn't ask for his or her opinion to do the things you want to do.You should't cheat of course but in my opinion it is an awful thing to ask for someone else's opinion to go somewhere or to do something. You are not a slave.Everybody should live their lives without deceiving each other. If you find someone who is respectful to you and to your freedom then you can be committed,otherwise i prefer being single.
• United States
2 Aug 08
it is nice being single and being able to just hang out and chill with your friends without having to think about someone at home wanting you to be there with them. but then at the same time there is nothing better than having someone to come home to. not everybody has that and there are still alot of people who just go home at night to nothing but an empty home.noone to talk to or cuddle up with at night. no one to laugh and play with at the end of the night before falling asleep.
• United States
1 Aug 08
neither situation is perfect in itself. it's what is right for you and your life.