Are you a good listener..?

August 2, 2008 1:07am CST
How good listener are you..I could give a good exercise if some one gives you a topic how far could you grasp the details and the actual essence that the speaker has to give you. Listening is a basic skill that promotes leadership in any person. Listening is an art that each has to acquire but its not so easy. It takes a lot of concentration to focus on someone else's thought and the retain the same in memory. What do you guys say?
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@dpk262006 (56735)
• Delhi, India
2 Aug 08
I am a very patient listener. I listen to others with intent and rapt attention. When listening to someone, I try my best to get the essence of the discussions and what the speaker actually wants me to understand. I find, when I do not listen carefully to any listener, things could go hay wire. Listening properly to my near and dear ones have given me lot of understand and knowledge. I am basically a 'learner' so I keep listening to others, instead of telling my own stories. Good discussion.
• China
2 Aug 08
I think i am a good listener..whem my friends get troubles i will listen to them ,and if i can i will give them some of my opinion.I think listen sometime get very important for everyone . if they can speak it out they may become moer happy and have a good mood . OF course maybe sometime you will also troubled by others because you just meet troubles too ,at this time you must get inpatient to them,