anybody uses custom firmware on psp?!

August 2, 2008 1:35am CST
ANYBODY USES CUSTOM FIRMWARE? How is it? is it good? Im planning to get my psp custom firmware:P
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@rapraptor (120)
• Romania
3 Nov 08
i am using and i recomnd for you beacuse you dont ned to spend enymore money for games...but you msut have minumin 4 gb memory stic or 8GB...
• United States
11 Aug 08
well yes its good i have one and really rocks. You can play old classicals like mario. Not only that but you wont have tp buy a single game ever again!
@psphacker (1054)
• United States
8 Aug 08
yes i do and it is good i have 3.90 m33-2 and i can transfer games to other people in a adhoc way.
@nemo22 (37)
• Philippines
2 Aug 08
I highly recommend using a custom firmware, it will definitely save you a lot of money by being able to play games without a umd. It can also be used to play old ps1 games on your psp. You'll need to have pandora's battery to convert your psp's firmware into a custom one. Look for dark-alex's website for more instructions to use a custom firmware. It's currently on 4.01 M33-2
@ratyz5 (7752)
• Philippines
2 Aug 08
Well, yeah, I mean, aside from being able to play multiple titles from your Memory Stick and play emulated games from other previous gaming systems, you can fully customize your PSP like have your own custom intro-thing when you turn it on, custom XMB theme, custom gameboot when you start a game instead of the PSP logo..
• United States
2 Aug 08
Yeah,it's great. I can play SNES, N64, GB, GBA along with regular UMD games on my PSP. It completley opens your PSP to so many things.