Do you teach your dog to sit?

@msedge (4012)
United States
August 2, 2008 3:44am CST
When training a puppy, the first and most basic command you want to teach them is to sit! In an area free of distractions (outside is NOT a good idea, same with near the puppy's toys or sleeping area), bring your pup in front of you.Hold the treat in your hand and bring your hand close to the dog's nose, about three inches away. (If she's lunging for it, bring it a little closer so all she can do is lick it, not move). Her whole existence should be focused on this one treat. Say sit. Don't expect your puppy to respond, and don't repeat the command.Rotate the treat upwards, passing over the dog's eyes and continuing upward. Her attention, eyes, and neck should immediately crane upwards, and the natural thing for her to do is sit. Once she sits, immediately raise the octave of your voice (dogs interpret high pitches as positive, and low, deeper tones as negative or corrective) and say, "Good sit, (insert dog's name)!"
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• India
2 Aug 08
Let think about how puppy learn the first instruction. I used to teach my puppy when i had puppy some 10 years ago. I think it is first thing the puppy learn from anybody. Thanks for your response. Thanks.
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@msedge (4012)
• United States
6 Aug 08
Our pet dog went to a class for dog training but you can train your pet by yourself.
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• Canada
12 Oct 09
We were looking after my husband's ex-wife's dog during the summer of 2007. The dog was obedient enough, but Hubby took it a step further. LOL He taught her all kinds of commands in RUSSIAN, and taught her to respond to all kinds of interesting, funny words. LOL