Water runs the car.........

@suren20 (162)
August 2, 2008 3:57am CST
This is the new age technology developed for the benefit of mankind.This technology is the real money saver.Have you come across such useful technology.
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• Malaysia
15 Aug 08
Only one, car withot engine but motor driven by a battery. Does not required fuel, gas or solar. Battery lasted for 400 km. After that recharge. Ehsan Hashim http://ehsanhashim.com
• Singapore
3 Aug 08
I've seen some websites selling kits making cars run partially on water to increase mileage. I remembered once reading a newspaper in Singapore where someone invented a cooking stove for hawker centers using water as fuel. Its an interesting concept of using water as fuel. I think scientist should research more on this new technology for the benefit of this world, don't you think so?