Ok odd but true!, how much do you suspect a WWII japanese filling would go for?

United States
August 2, 2008 1:12pm CST
I know it sounds sick and demented, really i dont mean for it to be that way. My grandpa served in the WWII and from what i understand they used to kill the japanese and knock thier fillings out, for what i dont know but anyways my grandpa had a whole bag of these fillings and well they have disappeared and i have the last one that there was. I dont know if this is something someone would want for a museum or study or memorabilia but i know i dont really like holding it and i dont really like it being around but i also know that i have never heard of it anywhere else and i also know its a very rare rare item. This particular piece is two teeth molars i believe and they are soldered or held together with gold........think anyone would be interested if i was to post it on ebay or something???
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