Canada Bus Beheading

August 2, 2008 5:39pm CST
I just read this story on Yahoo! and apparently a man on a canadian bus all of a sudden snapped and started stabbing another passenger. The crazed man then beheaded the victim. I also read that he was eating some of his body parts too. What would cause someone to do this? What is the world coming to?
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• United States
2 Aug 08
I'm here in Seattle, Washington,,and we're stunned we expected something like that to happen here.(usa) not in Canada. I thought they was a pretty mellow bunch up there. guess not. Where'd ya here he was eating body parts? I never heard that. All I heard is how calm the canadian passengers we're in handling the situtation. I do wonder if we Americans would have been that calm...I somehow doubt. Atleast not this generation(20-30) they tend to be not to tightly wrapped..My generation(40+)ya I'd expect it. (unless they was raised in the city)-wink-nod..he-he...don't be mad, at me city folk just take a look at yourselfs and then come out to the country and watch us. just sit in any public place watch people, then come to some community event for country folk. you'll be amazed.
2 Aug 08
I read on yahoo! that he ate the body parts. It seems like in a tightly confined space like that a few people could have easily prevented this. I agree that if this had happend in America people would not have been calm about it and would have hopefully stopped it. I just dont see how people could live with themselves after knowing that they did nothing to stop the attack.