How does it help you to Love those that Hate you?

where is the line? - 2 strong words so easily to follow either so easily to seperate how easy is it to just go on the rest of your life with 1? which 1 is better to follow?
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August 2, 2008 8:05pm CST
All my life Ive been taught to forgive those that hate you and love them still. It is really hard for me and I am sure for a great deal of people to do this because it is so much easier to just hate them, not worry bout them, and move on. But I know deep down inside, that doesn't get you anywhere. and in the spiritual sense of things its really bad. Religious aspect: Did Jesus Christ talk and spit back at the crowd as he was carrying his cross up the hill? Is that how were suppose to be?..I think so. Although it is hard to, it'll be their problem for hating you but not yours if you don't hate them. That's what i think. Can anyone give me other opinions or different perspectives about how it helps to love those that hate you?!
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@SusanLee (1920)
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3 Aug 08
Years and years ago I found myself in a postion that was almost impossible for a christian. I had to work with a bunch of woman in a highly stressful and laborious job. I had never been around so much backbiting, and arguing as I was around them. They were always talking about each was horrible. Over time I just grew to dislike all of them. I can't stand constant contention. One morning I was on my way to work, it was dark out. I felt like I had a ton of bricks sitting on my heart and shoulders. I was so frustrated knowing I had to go into that place, I became angry and told God point blank that I didn't love those woman, I didn't even like them, I actually came pretty close to hating them. I wanted to beat all of them in the head with my hammer. Before I could even finish my thought good I heard this small voice. 'Susan, it isn't what you feel toward them, it's what you do toward them' Then in my minds eye I saw Jesus hanging on the cross and I realised he didn't hang up there in his mortal, fleshly body feeling human feelings of mushy, juicy, warm and fuzzy. At that time it wasn't what he was feeling, it was what he was doing. He showed love by what he did, not what he felt. I digested this and when I got to work I made myself available to the women the bugged me the most. It was amazing what it did for me spiritually. I felt so free and happy. Some of the other women couldn't believe I was actually helping the loafers. But again, it wasn't what I felt, it's what I did, and that in turn effected how I ended up feeling. Love does cover a multitude of sin.
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3 Aug 08
wow. i learn something with your response and i greatly appreciate it. it does make a difference and it isn't what you say, it's what you do. Just like the old saying, ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS. wow i haven't thought about it like that yet. my username as you can see is *mosh8d*.. that's how i feel almost everyday that a lot of these folks around here just hate me, i don't know why, i keep to myself. I can feel the stares and tension as i walk through but it's funny because they never say nothing to me. lol@dat.. thank you for your comment i've learned something new
• Canada
5 Aug 08
I would recommend to forgve but never forget. Holdin grudges against someone is a detrament to ones emotional well being. If you do hate someone you should resolve your diferences and work as hard as you can to mvoe on. I dont think there is a nessecity for you to love those you hate, simply understaning with suffice.