look for or wait for!

August 3, 2008 1:14am CST
my god ! tell me ! should look for love? or should wait for love? how can i do?
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@labea17 (443)
• Philippines
29 May 10
Some people say that you should not look for love but instead, let it come and find you. However, there are also some people that say that you cannot find true love if you don't do something about it. Confusing, huh? I suggest that you do both. Look for love in the right places and if you have found someone that caught your attention and the feeling is mutual between the two of you, then you don't have to worry about anything. But don't worry, Love will surely and eventually found you. Just have faith in the Lord.
@soulist (2985)
• United States
25 Sep 08
I said this in another discussion about love I honestly think when we truly find love, is when we are not looking for it. I think when we aren't looking we are more of ourselves and more natural when we're around other people. When we are looking it seems like we are trying to hard to impress someone else.
@Jennious (30)
• Vietnam
12 Aug 08
Go for it!! Love won't wait if we don't try. It's a long journey but it's worth to try. If you just sit & wait for it to come, you might never find your true love.
@sisco100 (2343)
• United States
3 Aug 08
personaly i think its better to wait for love, cuz it'll find u in the end. some times when u look for love u tend to look in all the wrong place, it seems like u'll never find love. i stoped looking for love for about 5 years now and i've seem to have found my one true love. well she one of my ex. at the time i loved her but didnt consider her my true love, but now tht time as past and she still there and still waiting for me. of all the girls in my life she put up with so much of my shi* and still sticks around for me.
• United States
3 Aug 08
Hi Jingren! In my opinion, I would do a little bit of both. I would look for potential loves. Be "out there" in public places, malls, places where you can meet singles. I would talk to someone who you find interesting! It will help you meet alot of people! I would wait for love in the sense of enjoying your life in the meantime, while your not out meeting new people. I hope this helps and good luck!