How to abreact if you feel morose?

August 3, 2008 4:17am CST
Recently,I feel morose.After off duty,the four of us in the same office went to eat KFC.At the same time,I felt very happy.Because If I were lonely,I will bethink of some unhappy things.So,after eating,we went to the supermarket upstairs.But ,I felt sleepy after few minutes.So,we prepared to go home.But,it was a little late,there was no bus of 106,so I wanted to ask my elder brother to drive dynamic motorbike to carry me.Unfortunately,it had no electric.So ,I had to go home taking a taxi.But,most of the taxies were full.Last time,I decided to go home on foot.It was not very long the distance from home.So,I started to walk .It was cool ,there was just wind in the summer ,which is good for me.And after about 30mins walking.My heart became light and happy.So,I think walking could drive away my bother.
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