How FAT is your CAT?

Big Fat cat..  - fat cat..having a lot of "fat"
August 3, 2008 4:21am CST
How many lbs or Kilos? May be six, seven or even 10 kilos.!!. And sure, you will say your cat is sooooo.. lien when compared to PRINCESS CHUNK, the cat,weighing 20 kilos which was found loitering in the streets of London..
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@youless (100243)
• Guangzhou, China
5 Aug 08
That's a very interesting fat cat. I think animals will be cuter when they are fat:) I wonder whether my two cats are like me. They can never be fat:) They eat nice and sleep a lot, but it doesn't affect them to have more weights. I love China
@youless (100243)
• Guangzhou, China
21 Aug 08
Thanks for your best response
@jinxky (2251)
• Philippines
3 Aug 08
that's an obese cat lol anywayz, don't have a cat, just a dog, but i wont allow my dog to weigh that much coz i know it's not good for them hehehe..
@darksorrow (4667)
• Bangladesh
3 Aug 08
That's an interesting news. I think you misplaced the discussion. This discussion should be placed somewhere else. Not in mylot. Don't you think so.