Life on earth moves in cycles of life

August 3, 2008 9:12am CST
Mathematically there are numbers from 1 to 9 only which is followed by 10 ten and so on. The science of numbers is also based on theory of f 1 to 9 i.e. with planets. Like 1 stands and denotes Sun and the number 9 denotes marce both the most powerful planets. I am firm believer of the science of numbers i.e Numerology. I have studied the theory of numerology written by Cheiro and also by some other authors. As a case study I have taken up my personal case based on the name and date of birth city of birth. Most important happeing in my life time comes of 1st,10th,19th and 28 of the month of 9,18,27 of the month. I born on 19th at 1 AM(midnight), my name too denotes number 1, I started my carrier on 1st and got promotion on 1st. i am studying a software developed by some prominent Numerologist which predicts basic behaviour of the persons from the date of birth and name denoted to that date of birth and place of birth. Any of my lotter interested in this we can follow the discussions u can post the details and I will see to it.
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@owlwings (43034)
• Cambridge, England
6 Aug 08
If we had been made with four digits on each hand (or eight), I think everything would have been different. We would count in 8's or 16's, perhaps, and all of the 'rules' of numerology would be different. (On computers octal and hexadecimal counting are common because they relate directly to binary numbers - 0 and 1 only. Did you know that you can count on your fingers not just up to 10 but up to 1023? ... 2^10 - 1) Numerology also depends a great deal on the 'accident' of various alphabets. Your name in Roman characters may add to 1 but what would it add to in Greek or Hebrew or even Chinese characters? What would it add to, too, if the order of letters were different? The dates that numerologists hold so dear are also an accident. A day that may add to one number in one calendar will almost certainly add to a completely different number in another. There is no underlying reason why we should use the dates from, say, the Christian (Julian) calendar rather than the dates from the Christian (Gregorian) calendar or those from the Islamic, Hindu, Chinese or Mayan calendars. Maybe you think that the most important things in your life happen on significant days simply because you are ignoring all the important things that happen on other days. Our minds can be very subtle at times!