if you suffering from head each which tablet do you prefer to control your pain?

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August 3, 2008 9:49am CST
hi guys if you are suffering from headeach or pain mostly which tablet do you prefer to take or you just consult ur doctor this is my advice to every body
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• United States
4 Aug 08
I take Naproxen Sodium (Aleve)for my headaches. It works well for me. I can safely taken a double dose (2x220 mg) for the first dose, then 1 thereafter. It also works for backaches and musclea aches. Cheers.
@zeroflashx2 (2489)
• Philippines
3 Aug 08
I take medicines depending on the pain. If it's the usual headache I just take Advil and would usually work. If it is intense and throbbing, my migraine's on the attack and I'd take heavier medicine. If it's at the back of my head, I'd usually check for my blood pressure and have myself checked by a doctor especially if I have high blood pressure when resting. But then, if it is something else, especially with accompanied by other symptoms such as pain in the other parts of the body or dizziness and nausea, I'd go to the doctor immediately.
@AshleyHasan (1024)
• India
3 Aug 08
I take navologin tablet for my headache but that again only if the head is aching so much otherwise I will have cup of coffee and relax for sometime!