Promises are Made to be Broken, but When Is It Just Okay To Break A Promise?

United States
August 3, 2008 4:26pm CST
Nothing in this world is permanent, only change does! Promises are said made to be broken. When do you think is just okay to break a promise. Two months passed, I happened to watch a local movie entitled "The Promise". It was a love story wherein two childhood sweethearts promised to be together forever. But some things just happened that they got separated for a long time even if they love one another so much. The girl was forced to marry a rich heirs, while the guy was able to get so rich when he worked overseas with a gang. When the guy went home, he was surprised that his girl was married to someone. The promise has partially been broken. For quite a long time these sweethearts longed with each other, they had an affair and the girl got pregnant. Her husband knew the child isn't his because he was found impotent. To make the long story short, the story ends in a tragedy and the promise that once was partially broken has been patched up in the end. Anyway, in life - when do you think it is okay to break a promise?
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@walkthetalk (1307)
• United States
3 Aug 08
I you tell someone I promise, then that is a promise. And a promise is a promise is a promise. I think it is okay to break a promise when a child is being hurt in some way. Children are very vulnerable, and adults take advantage of them, so sometimes you have to break promises to protect them. I would also break a promise if I knew my best friends husband/boyfriend was cheating. There are some cases where I would break a promise, but in general I keep my word. :-)
@lilaclady (28236)
• Australia
3 Aug 08
I guess it all starts before you make the promise, in trying not to make one that you can't keep, yes everything changes and i guess one has to take that into acoount, but i guess at times there are promises we just can't keep through circumstances all we can do make amends as best we can...