how many times did u go physical this week?

August 3, 2008 11:42pm CST
well different aged people have different outlook on needs of body but on an average how many times should middle aged people go physical in a week
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• Israel
4 Aug 08
I think that no matter what is the age of a person, one should exercise 3 times a week on average (unless someone is an athlete, which means he would probably exercise more). If someone is used to 3 times a week, he would reach the age of 75 and keep on training 3 times a week... might be different exercise, but it would be healthy non the less...
• Philippines
4 Aug 08
Well if you ask me middle ages people should do more physical workouts, and of course eat a whole lot healthier too. :) As the time goes by we age and our body isn't as it used to be so to cope up with all that is changing within us and all the junk we put in it while we were young we should exercise more. Perhaps a morning jog everyday then a basketball game once every weekend will be enough. I also recommend that when you do he morning jogs you bring some company along. :) A little company goes a long away.:)